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SEO Web Designs build websites with WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform. Focusing on beautiful websites which Google loves.

Founded by Toby Thomas in 2006, SEO Web Designs provide Search Engine Optimised – or “SEO” – website designs to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK.

Initially all our website builds used the industry standard tool, Dreamweaver. An alternative open-source rival web design tool, WordPress started in 2003 as a simple blogging platform, but rapidly grew to become the most popular website and Content Management System (CMS) platform in the world.

In 2010, SEO Web Designs adopted the use of WordPress, recognising it as by far the best website builder and CMS platform around.

Also, being completely free and open-source —  like Wikipedia — WordPress would only become bigger and more popular.  Thankfully, big corporations would never be able to buy it or force it out of the market.

Toby began building all his websites using WordPress and providing consultancy and training.

With WordPress, Toby could now help far more small businesses build and manage their own websites far more easily and at a fraction of the cost they were used to paying for beautiful, search engine friendly websites.

There was a lot of demand for training in WordPress, so in 2011, Toby set up and began running hands-on, one-day WordPress Courses in London and around the UK.

These WordPress training courses are now a major focus of SEO Web Designs.  We hope to see you on one of Toby’s WordPress training courses very soon!

And if not, you may be interested in some WordPress consulting to help build or improve your website.