Whether you need help installing WordPress, choosing the right WordPress themes or plugins or general support and training, I am here to help you.

I can provide advice and support as you need it, over the phone (ideally) or on Skype.

WordPress Training Courses

Learn web design in just one day at one of my regular WordPress Training Courses, run in central London.


How I can help you with WordPress…

A quick phone call with me as your WordPress Consultant can help you solve almost any problem you may be having.  If I can’t help you, I will refund your money!  Once I know what you are trying to do, I can provide solutions you had never considered to vastly improve your site.  Whatever class of WordPress user you are: blogger, sole trader, small business, SME or large corporate, I can help you.

I can show you how to get WordPress to do just about anything:

  • WordPress Training Coursesif you want WordPress training, I run WordPress training and coaching one to one, over the phone or to groups.  I’ll run training sessions and WordPress courses for you and your staff. Read more about our WordPress training courses here…
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Setup and Customisation
  • WordPress Multisite Setup and Customisation – visit this dedicated page for more information
  • WordPress Basics – want help using the basics of WordPress – I can show you how to embed images, videos, audio tracks, PFF downloads, podcasts and have everything display extactly how you want it to
  • WordPress Themes – which to use, are premium themes worth it?
  • WordPress Plugins – which to use, from essential plugins to clever and fancy ones
  • Pages, Posts, Categories – how best to organise
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – I will show you how to structure your WordPress website and what themes and plugins will get you the most traffic from Google and other search engines. Increase your rankings, get more traffic and get more business!
  • PayPal – as you can see, we accept PayPal and can show you how to accept and use PayPal on your own website
  • Skype – free calls with Skype, which includes a great screen sharing program.  Using screen-sharing, I can watch your screen while you show me your issue.  Likewise, you can watch while I show you tips and tricks for WordPress in front of your eyes.
  • Social Media – how can things like facebook and twitter help you
  • Speed Up Your Site – your users and Google alike both love FAST sites. I can help you speed up your site.
  • Hosting – who are the best hosts for what you want.
  • Security – is WordPress secure?  How to avoid hackers and viruses.
  • Backing Up – how to best back up your site
  • WordPress for Business – working smart as a business means using WordPress to help you turn visitors into customers
  • WordPress as a CMS – using WordPress as the perfect Content Management System
  • WordPress as a Store – use WordPress as an online store.  Which themes and plugins are best for turning WordPress into an e-commerce solution?
  • Upgrading WordPress – how to best upgrade WordPress

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